Seat At Puri Beach

Sea beach at Puri has it’s own golden sandy look and beauties of nature . Like other Sea Beach of the world Puri Sea beach attracts lot of foreign visitors to spend some hours. Waves of Puri Beach, is not high like Indian Ocean, so people are enjoying long time for bathing. Now a days people are busy with their current schedule of work, they get very little time to enjoy the actual beauty of the nature. Perhaps they don’t know, Life is very short span of time, they should visit the place which gives them peace and reduce mental tension.

Beach at puri has all the beauties like other sea beach of the world. The sand is golden, and lots of tourist comes here to enjoy some time for bathing and taking some rest. Puri Sea Beach is fondly called Mahodadhy Beach, ‘Mahodadhy’ is the Sanskrit word mean ocean the great sea.

Sunset is beautiful, lots of poem has written to describe it’s beauties. The Sunset, nature indicates to the world, it is the beginning of the rest time. Sunset at Puri, create lots of scenery for enhance the nature creativity. Originally Puri is the city of joy; literally it is called as ‘Bhogakhetra’ means land of enjoyment. Beach at puri, satisfy the concept of Bhogahetra’, More People prefer to visit beach at Sunset time, the color of sea are naturally change at sunset. People are enjoying, to count the tide of Sea.

Shankaracharya's GOBARDHAN Pitha A Hindu Math is placed near the sea beach, increase the holiness of puri sea beach. People belive in Hinduism, have a belive that Puri Sea Beach is sanctum, due to mixing of water brought by different holy rivers . So taking bath in sea is treated as auspicious.