Math - The Divine Institution

Puri which is one of the four Dhams of Hindu religion. This place is a holy place , because Lord himself is abode here. Puri is equalized to heaven as every God and Goddess are present here. As Lord Jagannath is the source of believe and faith, so many saints of different religions and of different philosophy, rituals are established Mathas.

First Matha was established in 9th Century when great Sankaracharya visited Puri and preached his philosophy. In the course of time changes occurred in the working style of temple. He established Math in Puri which is known as Govardhan Math. The Bhoga Mandap where devotees get the Bhoga in large quantity is introduced by him.

After that came great Vaishnav saint Acharya Ramanuja during the reign of Chodaganga Deva. He established a Matha in front of Lion’s Gate known as Emar Matha.

Jagannath Balav MathVishnuswami established A matha named Jagannath Balav Math which is well known as playing garden of Lord Jagannth. Throughout the years many rituals of the temple is performed in this Matha.

Sri Ramananda another saint who visited Puri in 14th century established some training centers known as Akhadas . The main purpose of these Akhadas are to protect the temple from the attack of Muslims.

During the rule of king Prataparudra Deva, Sri Chaitanya visited Puri. He stayed here for 24 years. The place where he stayed is known as Radhakanta Matha .

Nanaka, the Sikh Guru visited Puri. He established a Matha known as Mangu Matha.

Ganapati Bhatta a great devotee of Lord Ganesh visited Puri and established a Matha known as Raghab Das Matha.

The main aim of these Mathas is to preach Jagannath culture as the essence of Hinduism. To give shelter to different pilgrims of saints and sects. To help the poor students for education. To give support to different rituals and *Niti of the temple.

The different *Niti performed in the temple are supported by these Mathas.

*Niti - Ritual