Gajapati Ramachandra Dev – II & Change Of Religion

Jagannath Mandir PuriNow a days, havoc have been expected from the change of Religion in our Country. In this connection two legendary persons are coming to the memory. They were Rama Chandra Dev, the king of Khurdha Under Bhoi Dynasty and Madhusudan Das. Rama Chandra Dev adopted Muslim Religion on Pressure & M. S Das adopted Christinity spontaneously but after change of religions they were much dedicated to Lord Sri Jagannath & they tried their best to preserve the honor of Lord Sri Jagannath till their death.

Rama Chandra Dev was previously known as Kesab Ray. His coronation was done soon after death of his brother Gopinath Dev during the year 1727. He ruled for a period of Ten years. During his reign the Muslims were attacked Khurdha frequently as a result the Khurdha became poor. During the year 1731 the Sisupala Gada was ruined by Taki Khan then lieutenant Nabab of Bengal. He was very much against Hunduism. Ramachandra Dev was captivated by Taki Kahn & forced to adopt Islamism. After became muslim he adopted a name as per Muslimism - Hafiz Kadar Beg. After Converted to islam he tried to his best to protect Lord Jagannath from Muslim attack. Obtaining information on invasion of Sri Jagannath Temple by Taki Khan the local devotees replaced Lord Jagannth and kept secretly out of the reach of muslims.

Though he served his best to protect Sri Jagannth from Muslim attack, but the Hindu devotees never shown any respect towards him. Rather he sustained much adverse situation during his life time as Muslim. To protect Sri Jagannth form Muslim attack he took marriage with the daughter of Nawab Nazim Murshid as result the muslim attack on Sri Mandir had been stoped some extent.

Deprived from throne & harassed by own people Rama Chandra Dev took asylum of King Narasingpur During the year 1737 Rama Chandra Dev & his muslim wife Razia alias Suryamani Devi commited suside on harassment. Their crimission was held at the bank of Mahandi by the king of Narsighpur Sri Mandardhar Mansingh and the land known as Maha Swamsan. For offering light on each evening to the souls, the arranged handled propriety for the purpose. If a memorial can be constructed at the Place of their end of life, then the memory of Rama Chandra Dev & Razia will revived.