Rathajatra 2008

“Hoilu Dasa Avatara
Nasilu Abanira Bhara”

Many scholars have attempted to describe the quality and quantity of Lord Jagannath, but they fail to achieve the full goal. The scope of Lord Jagnnath is always beyond the imagination. But Jagnnath always tie with love and bhakty of Devotees, at Rathyatra he can not stop his temple. He come to Badadanda [ Road ] to satisfy the devotees love and emotion.

The cult of Jagannath is meant for universal brotherhood, love, tolerance, equality, and fraternity. It is not a sectarian religion, but a cosmopolitan and eclectic philosophy. It has embraced all types of spiritual thoughts through years.

“Aasa Sangata, Gundicha Jata
Dekhijiba Para Sahi Go
Barsa Dekhi Bharsa Pauny
Sahaje Ashda Masa Go” [ Odiya Language Kabita ]

Jay Jagannath.