Jagannath Swami Nayana Pathgami Bhava Tume

Every year Rathayara is celebrated at Puri, more than 70,000 thousand people gather to get the bless of Lord JAGANNATH.. Even after knowing this is repetitive celebration all come back Puri to see the Lords carnival.

This year on 4 – July – 2008 the Rathyatra has held. Hindu mythology say not only human beings, but also this festival is celebrated by angels of heaven. It is the fact Sree Krusn is one part of Lord Jaganath. Here is a line “Jagannatha Ate Sola Kala, Tahhun Kalaye Nanda Bala”. It means from the 16 parts of energy, Sree krusna is one part of energy.

The full avtar having all 16 Kalas (energy), or divine arts or attributes within Jagannath.

They are as follows:

  1. Daya - Compassion
  2. Dharjya - Patience
  3. Kshrma - Forgiveness
  4. Nyaya - Justice
  5. Nirpeksha - Impartiality
  6. Niraskata - Detachment
  7. Tapsya - Meditation and spritual Powers
  8. Aparchitta - Invincibility
  9. Danasheel - Beneficience. Bestower of all wealth in the world and nature.
  10. Saudarjyamaya - Beauty Incarnate
  11. Nrityajna - Best Dancers
  12. Sangitajna - Best Of Singers
  13. Neetibadi - Embodiment of Honesty
  14. Satyabadi - Truth Itself
  15. Sarvagnata - Perfect master of all arts, such as poetr drama, painting etc.
  16. Sarvanyanta - Controller of All

Rathyatra is the movement of PARAMATMA to meet Atma. We are all Atma, reflectons of PARAMATMA. Like Moon reflect in all pool and water pot resembles like more moon in this world. But in reality moon is one. Like moon reflections we are all reflection Of Lord.

Jagannath, the Lord of the Universe, perhaps is the most ancient of the deities of Hindu Pantheon. Now A Days Jagannath Is not only for Hindu, Jagannath is for all, there is no cast and creed to celebrate Rathayatra.

Jay Jagnnath ……..